April 05, 2011

seoul auto superpost...

This past weekend was the first weekend of the Seoul Motor Show 2011, and as the poster proclaimed, "It's not a show, it's a revolution". That led me to question why they called it the Seoul Motor Show, why couldn't they skip with that and just call it the Seoul Motor Revolution? I realize there is always a need for a tagline, but I've yet to come across one as counterproductive.   

I've decided to split this superpost into sections, for easier reading. First up, some of the companies that showed up! Then a post within a post I've called 'Model of Consistancy'. Finally I posted pictures from the show, starting with the concept cars, and then the production models. These aren't all the cars, simply my favourite pictures

Most of the major Auto manufacturers came out, complete with impressive booths, and good representations of their products. There were a couple suprises though. First, the lack of the supercar, there were no Lamborghini's, Ferrari's or Mazerati's. Second, I couldn't believe how much these companies probably spent setting up their shit! Mini had a DJ in a Mini, and Chey a DJ in an Aveo.


Model of Consistancy... 

 I remember reading an advert for the Seoul Motor Show, and one of the highest selling features was the pressence of car show girls. Y'know the bikini clad models who strut their stuff alongside the car. Well the Seoul Auto Show was boasting, and well they kind of delivered. Most of the girls that were in attendance were not bikini clad. In fact I only noticed two that were, and they were covered from head to toe in body paint (They are pictured left). Interestingly enough, they were also the only white car models in the entire show.

I can't say that the car models were a large reason as to why I came out. In fact, they were barely a reason at all for me to show up. I was there to witness  the splendor that was the cars! In the end I really felt bad for the models. I don't have a problem objectifying cars, they are hunks of metal. They don't care if I strip them down, or take pictures under their hood. While the women they had standing beside these beautiful machines would mind very much to both previous actions.

At first I was taken back by them, as the afternoon wore on I started to feel sorry for them. I am sure that they are paid decently, and their ego's boosted. But, these women were being photographed from every which angle, front, behind, side, up and down. Especially the girls on rotating platforms, they would have to move every 30 seconds in order to prevent facing the wrong direction. 

There were many men just snapping photos of their asses and cleavage. The picture (right) is a perfect case and point. Korean women love to wear short skirts, they are to Korea what tiny tanktops are to North America. The two are practically interchangable, and the carshow brought out the tiniest skirts. This model was trying to use her hand to cover her cooch, it didn't matter much because the photographers just got lower in an attempt to sneak a peak. I at least took pictures of the cars, and ooed and awed over them instead of the girls posing beside them.

 Some of the girls complimented the cars, their outfits and look actually fit with the cars. The  two pictures (above, and right) are perfect examples of this. The girl posing with the Audi R8, had an outfit that matched the car, while the girl posing with the Kia Naimo Concept had matching color patterns. While I sound like a diva making fashion comments, I thought the effort worked, and the girls suited the cars. Instead of the girl in an evening dress posed with the Civic (pictured below right), I didn't really feel that she fit, especally with her obviously fake boobs. Since when will a Civic ever attract that kind of attention?

In the end I wished that many of the girls weren't around. I didn't catch yellow fever upon my arrival to Korea. I caught Texan fever, and I feel that that contributed my general uninterest in many of the girls strutting their stuff all over expensive machines. I felt some of the girls didn't fit at all, and took away from the car. The girl posed with the F1 is a perfect example. The car is gorgeous, and her outfit looks like a stripper special. I mean seriously, I could have got some great photos of the car without her there.

Most of the pictures below, actually pretty much all of them, were taken without models present. I was able to get great angles on some sexy machines, without feeling like a perve trying to get an upskirt.

Concept Cars...


 The concept cars were some of the coolest looking cars. The two small pictures (above left, below right) are both Hyundai single passenger concepts. These were not full sized displays, and just models. The interior (above right) is from the Kia Naimo Concept, this concept is an ultra modern electric car. The key to the car is an Ipad looking device that runs the cars computer. The care with double gull wing doors is  a Subaru Touring Concept, I thought the doors were cool, but would become cumbersome because of their size.

Finally there is the Chevy Mi Ray (below), this Korean designed sports concept was unveiled at this show. At first I thought this was the new concept for the Chevy Corvette, in which case I hated it. After finding out it wasn't, I still didn't overly like it. It had way too much going on, but then again it is a concept car, and not an actual production model. Although it was one of the few cars that looked like supercars. 

Production Cars...

Mercedes had two great cars, their 2012 SlS AMG Roadster (above). I can't figure out what this other new Mercedes is (right), but I love it's front end. Below is the Volvo C30, a pretty awesome hatchback from Volvo. 

BMW had their new M3 Coupe (above right) on display with it's new matte paintjob. I love the paint, I think it's amasing. The white BMW (above left) is the new BMW one series, well it's headlight. I really like the 1 series, and would seriously love to be able to afford one, one day.

Porsche also had some amazing cars out, the Cayman R (left) and the Carrera GTS (above). I couldn't get over the Top Gear episode where one loses a race to a Beetle (watch!).

I love this half Nissan GT-R (right). I thought it was super cool to look at.. and I'm sure it was probably a lot of fun for them to make as well. There were a couple other 'half'' cars at the show but none of the others were half as cool.

The Corvette (left) isn't production anymore, but it was at the show. The Mustang (above) is for my mother, and the Viper (below) was my favourite car at the show. Even though it wasn't in the show, it appeared outside as I left. My god the matte black paintjob is sexy as hell.

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