May 14, 2010

Rabbit Teacher pt.II

It's been a while since i wrote about my kids. I've become quite comfortable with my classes, and my kids have become quite comfortable with me. I think this is a good thing. This has created some more interesting moments.

My kids really don't like it when i wear my glasses to school. One class says i look about 90 years old, and they call me grandpa the entire class. I had an interesting conversation with one of my other classes.

(i enter the class)
Girls gasp!
Amy: Sean teacher why you wearing glasses?
Me: Because i can't see without them
Amy: Well you are ugly, and your hair is ulgy, so you are ugly ugly teacher.

(next day i walk in without the classes)
Me: Amy is this more acceptable?
Amy: Yes, its better, but you are still ugly teacher... just not as ugly teacher..

One of my girls acts likes a hamster, its rediculous. She LOVES hamsters, including her own. which is dead. This is a chat i've had with her a couple of times. Larry is the perfect peanut gallery. he only talks when he needs to, and throws out relevant comments.

Sean: (Directions given) okay guys start writing..
Grace: (Hand up) Can i write about my hamster?
Sean: Why do you always want to write about your hamster?
Grace: Because i love my hamster.
Sean: But your hamster is dead.
Grace: I know.
Larry: You killed your hamster.
Sean: Did you actually kill your hamster?
Grace:(sheepishly) hmmm..

(grace goes quiet for about 5 seconds)
Grace: So can i write about my hamster?
Sean: (sigh) fine...

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