February 04, 2011

I am not alone... in the universe...

Believe it or not blogging is a popular pasttime in Korea. It seems that almost every 'teacher' that arrives in Korea does so with the desire to share experiences via blogs instead of actually telling people what we saw. In this case we are all story tellers, and all stars in our own right. Most of our blogs come loaded with opinions and clustr maps, which is a fancy way of tracking those who visit (it also creates global christmas trees, yay).

I teach in a large school so there are several blogs and photo sites maintained to varying degrees of tlc. So, check them out, they are always open, all interesting and offer differing viewpoints on our exotic experiences.

Considering that pictures are worth a thousand words, you can make up your own accounts of what is contained within without the authors help.

      Check em out, yet keep coming back ... ... ...

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