March 29, 2011


Baseball season has started in Korea. I made an attempt to go to a game last weekend, I planned out an entire day of American festivities. First, baseball followed by Mexican food and Canadian beer. The plan didn't unfold at all, as the game was cancelled due to a tiny amount of rain (

Fortunately there was another game this weekend, and another America day was launched. In this attempt the Mexican food was switched with an American buffet, and no rain fell from the clouds.

In toe with my new coworkers we arrived at the Olympic Sports Complex, seeking tickets. For most events in Korea you can stroll up the day of and purchase tickets. At first I found it shocking that most seats are general admission for sports, yet assigned when it came to the cinema. No matter how assbackwards that may appear, it is the way it is in Seoul.

Anywho, we strolled up to the ticket window to find it closed. The loud cheering emitting from the suggested that a game was being played. We all looked at each other with a confused look we wandered to find another booth. The next booth was also vacant, and yet people were walking into the stadium. Finally we decided to follow suit, and walk in till we were stopped.

Well that never happened, the main gates were unattended, and all employees were concerned about other matters. The baseball was free... well it wasn't entirely free, I paid 8,000 won for refreshments. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Only in Korea would there be free baseball, I feel that this country misses the boat on so many endeavours in which western businessmen would make a buck, and it's the people that benefit the most!

The 8,000 won was also not the price for a single beer. It was enough to buy me two, and a I topped that off with a big bag of potato chips. The Korean economic system doesn't seem to thrive off ripping everyone off, they appear to work on volume, sell as much as you can to everyone (this includes beer, and noisemakers!) You may enter any jealousy here, as baseball is the most interactive sporting experience, and it was free this weekend! The video I've attached shows the crowd during a pitching change. Cheerleaders are dancing, and people are pounding inflatable tubes.

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