July 09, 2010

...flag...flag... just like a wavin flag (pt. V)

On the final weekend of the world cup I figure why not one last blog about it. It’s not highly original at this point, as most of the world is blogging about it, but hey whatever. Those who know me know that I like sports. I even watched part of the Lebron James special this morning (and no, i don't actually even like basketball). Okay, i thought it was stupid; I don’t know what was more pathetic that he had a TV special or that I watched it. I swear I was cooking and cleaning while it was on, it was simply background noise. However, it would be interesting to see the ratings for it. I bet it beat the ratings for any USA soccer match.

Anywho, football...I’ve been keeping up with the world cup through conveniently downloaded torrents. I have watched a couple games mildly cheering on random teams. I've devised a method to my cheers. England is always first, my parents were born there, my family history is there, it was the first place outside of North America i visited, it's an awesome country (pretty much take your pick). I’ve adopted Korea as a secondary team, The reasons why shouldn’t shock you; I  currently live here, and got caught in the fandemonium. Germany firmly grips third place it's another country I’ve lived in and loved. While I was only there for a month, it was an amazing month. I would go back to Germany in less than a heartbeat, the people, the food, and the beer were all top notch.

With England, Korea and Germany out, I’ve decided to cheer for Netherlands in the final. Why? Because I’ve been there... quite simple really... I've never been to Spain although i've heard great things, I'd love to go there someday. However I chose Netherlands. It was a great place to end my trip last year in Europe. It was my last hurrah and all night binge before my all night plane home.

Back by popular demand (okay only my parents asked for it). I had a couple more of my kids write about the World Cup, and i'm going to post it, with their blessings, once again in all their unedited konglish glory.


World Cup
2010, it had world cup in South America Africa. Our Korea team go to South America Africa’s World Cup too. I feel bad and terrible because I can’t see the TV program because of World Cup. I love soccergame and play soccer, but I hate to see, because its boaring. I think I will be really really boared in 2014 because South America is doing World Cup 2014. I hate the World Cup!! But I wish our Korean team win.


Lisa and John were watching World Cup. (Argentina vs. South Korea)
Lisa: Shoot! Oh, no!
John: Don’t get excited. We will lose.
Next Next day, Lisa and John was watching World Cup. (Portugal vs. North Korea)
Lisa: hurrai! Portugal win! Yes! 5-0!
John: I said, don’t get excited!
Lisa: Why? North America Korea have to lose. I hate North America Korea!
John: I think so, too! I think, I have to excite now! Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!
Lisa: 6-0! Portugal won! NO, 7-0! One day, Korea go to round of 16.
Lisa: Olleh!
John: Olleh!

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