September 06, 2010

history according a 9yr old...

Here are two stories my kids wrote about history. First up is Sandy’s version of Queen Elizabeth.

I will write about Elizabeth. She was a Queen. She was born in June 24th in 1532. (It’s real!) She was very pretty girl. But her dad hate her Because she was a girl. When she was three, her dad killed her mom because she didn’t make boy. And Dad don’t remember Beth. He don’t want to remember her. And sister Merry hate her and want to kill Beth, but, new Mom come. She was kind. She let Beth be a good princess. Beth was happy. And Later, King died and next King Ed died. Merry be Queen and want to kill Beth but she couldn’t. And one day Merry died. So Elizabeth Tudor be the Queen.

Next up is Christine’s sci-fi tale of why the moon is made of cheese.

Her name is Pukrin. She born 5000 years before this time, but her face is cute because Pukrin doesn’t age. She was very cute, and not smart, one day a rock hit her head, and Pukrin became very smart and bad. Pukrin felt the rock is very terrible, so she broke the rock, so the rock is now dead. Next day, Pukrin knew that her planet, moon is rock, so she broke it, so the moon is now dead, so her son Pukrin Pukrin made with one with cheese.

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