September 01, 2010

you must have been very lonely potato mandu...

This is an update i meant to publish over a month ago. I was finally able to complete my search for perogies just before i left for Jeju Island. I forgot about my conquest because Jeju was such a shining point of my trip so far. Anywho...

My first attempt was foiled by shitty luck. My second attempt was dislodged by my wonky knee. My third attempt.... wait... there is no drama, you are already aware. I FINALLY ate the elusive perogies, and ismply put they were amazing.

These weren't just any perogies, although really any would have been miraculous, these perogies were hand made. Eating them instantly brought back memories of my 'perogie power' breakfasts. For those of you not in the know (probably most of you). My aunt used to make perogies, and it became sort of a tradition of sorts that I would carbo load before I played hockey. I swore these perogies made me play better, I dont have any evidence to support this fact. I'm fairly sure I knew they made no difference, they probably made me play worse, I just wanted more. I had a childhood phase similar to Monica from friends.

I was not alone basking in the dimly lit bar with perogies. I was with Corwin, who had never tried perogies before. I was able to watch the look on Corwin's face as she ate perogies for the first time. I was really glad that all my hype was in essence rewarded with the marvelous cheesy doughy dumplings we were served. We ended up getting two orders of the perogies. I'm not currentlly in my fat phase, most people would say that I should have gotten more, and that I need to pad out.

As I sat nursing my perogie baby, I thought that I'd been recently seeking out a lot of non-Korean food. It was a thought that at first alarmed me. I was scared that it was an indicator that I'm bored with Korea. Like I  no longer wanted to be here because I'm getting tired of the food. As I thought about the situation a little more, I thought about what I ate back home. I quickly had a revelation, it was by no means earth shattering, but it calmed me instantly. My revelation was simple, I eat a variety of ethnic foods, I've never really stuck to eating one on a continuous basis. In one week back home I would eat a little Indian, Mexican, Italian, and some American food. I once considered that normal, so why should I solely eat Korean food while I'm here. I feel that I should enjoy it, and perhaps eat it more often than I would back home. But I shouldn't feel bad about limiting myself to one type of cuisine, it doesn't fit with the way I like to enjoy food.

With that thought in mind I will continue to seek out ethnic food in Korea. I also feel that I should write a post about the Korean food I've ingested. Consider that something to look forward to.


  1. Hi Sean,

    I'm wondering where you found these perogies in Korea?!
    I've been searching, and can't seem to find anything aside from mandu.
    Let me know!! I'll check back here.

    Lauchlin :)

  2. They are from a place called Happidus Pub in Anyang,

    That is their FB page, if you have FB if not just google it and it will show up. I highly suggest you check them out, even though they are outside of Seoul.

  3. Hm, I never thought about food that way. I studied abroad in Uruguay for a year and I was always eating McDonalds and Chinese food then beating myself up for it. When I'm in the States I don't just eat American food, but all kinds of food too, so that was a really good way to look at it. I definitely keep that in mind.

    BTW, I'm working through your whole blog at the moment and I'm really enjoying it! Anyong!


  4. Thanks, it took me a while to feel alright about it. Yet here I am many months later, and I feel really comfortable about it. Although I do basically eat Korean every weekday.

    Also thank you! It's nice to know my backlog is still appreciated!