October 25, 2010

at the latenight.. double feature.. picture show..

(this is the second post for my Chuseok adventure)

Worn out from a day of chasing (wooden) penis, I’d spend the last night of Chuseok watching men on stage chasing (literal) penis. Before you seriously start to question my sexuality let me explain, The Rocky Horror Show was in town. I decided to go after being coerced by cheap tickets. Wait, who am I kidding I was planning on going ever since I heard about it. What better way to end a Korean family holiday than with a lewd non family friendly musical.

I did a lot of research before the show. I’m well aware that Rocky Horror is rife with audience participation, and I wanted to be able to throw my toast, and rice on cue. I found out that the stage shows mostly dealt with heckling, and not actual throwing, I was a little sad.

The performance itself was anything but disappointing. I was thrilled, chilled and fulfilled. I found it quite interesting that an extremely conservative country like Korea would play host to such tomfoolery. Although I’ve seen the funky g string this country is hiding under its playfully conservative garb. Loveland and Haeshindang Park (the penis park) play great testament to the risqué undergarments this country hides.

I felt bad for Rocky, as he was supposed to be the muscle on display. His airbrushed abs had nothing on Juan Jackson, the man playing Dr. Frank N Furter. I’m fairly sure I heard a few Korean jaws hit the floor upon Frank N Furter’s arrival (see picture). I’m not embarrassed at all to say that he was the most muscular man I’ve ever seen. It also didn’t take long to learn that Juan was not cast because of his looks; he had one hell of a voice. The rest of a the cast didn’t falter either, even when executing dance numbers on 4 inch heels. It was enough to make more than one Korean woman blush, and believe me that is no easy feat, as Korean women will hike up mountains in heels.

The spectacle I was expecting from the crowd was a little tame, not one person (including me) stood up and participated. No one even heckled! I figure the shy Korean crowd had a lot to do with that, yet I sat down the whole time as well. That was until the show was over; the cast wouldn’t let us leave without getting us to do something. So they demonstrated the dance moves to ‘The Time Warp’ and broke out into song again, this time encouraging the timid crowd to dance along. I took full advantage of this, I couldn’t jump to the left (knee), or step to the right (Korean standing there), but the pelvic thrust really did drive me insane.

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