October 06, 2010

spaced out on sensation...

The chuseok holiday was filled with narrowly missed busses, missed busses, a bus with shattered glass,and passengers that required a new bus to pick them up because of the bus with shattered glass. There was also expensive cab rides, giant wooden penis’, people puking, 56 years worth of birthdays, and a chorus line of men in corsets and stiletto high heels.

Believe it or not my holiday was not a chaotic mess, although it did get messy for some teachers at my hagwan. My holiday went along swimmingly. I actually kind of wish that my holiday had a little bit more grime. Yet I can't complain about the cleanliness, my only legitimate complaint is that I don't have much to write about.

My semi vacation was started off with a bang, well actually it started off with the lack of a bang, buzz, or annoying musical tone that you would associate with an alarm. It wasn’t that there wasn’t an alarm, there was, there wasn’t however any volume on the IPod used to as the alarm. Only the IPod woke up ontime, and that was because it was programmed to. With a late start we narrowly avoided missing the bus to Sokcho. 'We' comprised of Corwin, her best friend Brittany, Brittany’s Boyfriend Cory and I.

For those of you who have kept up with my blog, YAY (I love subscribers!), you may remember that I’ve been to Sokcho before. I first ventured to the city in May for Buddha’s Birthday. If you didn’t have any clue what I'm talking about, you may read about it here. During Buddha's Birthday we were unable to go hiking, so we returned 4 months with all intention to hike.

Believe it or not, we didn’t get to hike, yet again the weather prevented us. In the four days we were in Sokcho it was only nice for one of them. We used that beautiful afternoon to bike around a lake near the city (although it is not actually a lake, it attached to the ocean, so I have no why they call it a lake), and to take pictures of myself acting as a demented ninja on the beach (see photo above). We felt that because the weather report was wrong for that one day, it would be wrong for the whole trip. That kind of logic built the Maginot line (yes, I did just incorporate WWII into my entry). There is another hiking expedition headed out to Sokcho at the end October, you won’t however hear about that, because I’m not going.

Tired of the rain we were faced with a choice on our final day in Sokcho. We had two choices,go straight to Seoul or go out of our way to Samcheok to visit a fertility park before we went back home. Seemingly overwhelmed with sexual curiosity we chose Samcheok. 2.5 hours later we arrived only to find out that we had 2 hours to explore, and that the fertility park was 25km outside of town. Sexually frustrated we divvied up the cash and bought a whore for 50,000 \, and by whore I mean cab.The park was beautiful for all the wrong reasons. We spent more time gawking at the rugged coastline than we did the smoothly sanded wood. 

Although we arrived in Seoul late on Wednesday evening, the semi vacation was not over. We had a date with some transsexual transvestites on Thursday night. It was like a second act, a curtain call for the holiday and like like all great encores the trick is not to keep people waiting too long. I wouldn't want madness to take it's toll, but listen closely, you won't have to wait very much longer. With a bit of a mind flip... you're into a time slip. 

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