April 26, 2010

twenty 5 all year..

For some reason i got it into my head that 25 is a big birthday. i have no idea why, but this concept that 25 is a major birthday hit me at some point when i was 24. It wasn't for partying reasons (for the most part i was tame when i was 24).. or any reason that would land me a better present from people. Although geiko is lowering my car insurance for the car i no longer possess without actually even switching to them!

In fact is that i'm not even a huge birthday person. Last year my birthday was small, and besides a whale sighting, really low key. I'm not huge on having the spotlight solely on me, hard to believe for some, but i can be pretty humble. Yet i still had this idea that 25 should be big.

Many ideas were tossed around in the weeks leading up to my birthday. I wanted to go somewhere new, at an area of seoul i'd never ventured to before. This place called Monkey Beach seemed to be the right fit. It's a thai beach themed bar in Apgujung, complete with buckets of booze. I figured why not, whats the harm, i said that compeletly dismissing the horror stories i'd heard about the place.

The weekend started extremely odd. Gillian, perhaps one of my best friends in korea, was sidelined with a random attack of bladder stones. I celebrated my birthday on the 10th, the day happened to be a saturday, NOT my actual birthday. I really don't know why i included that in here, i mean it only makes sense, why party on a sunday when you can party harder on a saturday. Yet a co-worker told me you can't party on a day thats not your actual birthday (i think it was an excuse not to come out, they didn't). The way it was mentioned to me though, like its an asinine concept, partying on a day thats not your birthday, i mean in that case you could invent make up birthday party days, like everyone getting older on new years, shit like that. OH......wait the koreans do that, (i am really starting to wonder how i didn't know they drink a lot here??) Even jesus is always born on the same day! he just dies on different days every year..

off topic i know, ANYWHO. The night progressed pretty swimgingly at first. i was dancing on tables, it was the first time i'd had rum since entering Korea. I really miss rum, its my power drink, if you can have a power animal i figure you can have a power drink. There was even this special dance stand, yeah i went up i danced my heart out up there. i felt like a glorified chip and dale's dancer, minus the whole no shirt thing, but either or. i was getting looks, i considered them 'good' looks because neither buckets nor bottles were thrown in their wake.

The night took a quick turn for the worse, i ended up feeling sick and was forced to retreat to an alley near the bar. I spent a while out there, i was seriously contemplating ditching my own birthday party. When i returned to the bar, i returned to chaos. One of the girls' jacket and purse was missing. Really messed up. The purse and jacket were never found. The night of celebration quickly became a night of terror!.. haha.. okay it wasn't halloween, but i felt sick, like a piece of shit, and sparta was out a purse full of belongings and her jacket.

it really led me to the reason i'm posting this. The following day, my actual birthday. I spent most of my day alone, i went for pizza with tex. But my overwhelming thought was that i'll be 25 all year. Although i was quite pissed that my night seemed to be stolen from me, similar to the purse and jacked that grew legs and walked away. But one day is simply that, i'll be 25 all year, and i will be spending most of that year in korea. I have the ability to make anything big myself, i don't need the den of theives to make my night/day. perhaps 25 is my year of philosophy.. wait.. who am i kidding...

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