April 05, 2010

sean cooks baby's...

When i was given the task to create my first ever full sentence in korean, i made the best of the oppertunity. I learned a list of nouns and verbs, i also learned the framework to create the sentence. Most of the people in the class created normal sentences.. and i wanted to create an interesting one.. i created 'seanin ahgeelul yourihamneda' (well that's it phonetically cause i can't type out korean).. haha.. the korean teachers gasped as i said it.. the other waygook's in the class looked at me blankly, i asked if it meant 'sean cooks babies'.. there was a couple seconds of silence before some people laughed.. i laughed the whole time.. i was curious if the sentence worked and made sense.. apparently it did... i did make sure i told my teachers that i don't actually eat/cook babies.. it was simply curiosity.. i swear i will not go ed gein on people.. i also didn't learn korean for 'bunny' or 'bilby' 'sean eats bilbies'.. would make more sense... (and a fitting intro to the next line of thought, or paragraph...)

This country doesn't really celebrate easter.. That fact alone does not really bother me, i miss the chocolate.. a couple teachers at work have had care packages sent to them filled with chocolate, and well other things.. one teacher had fuzzy bunny ears sent to them... i couldn't help but shake my head at him when i saw them.. it looks like something right out of adult source.. i'm fairly sure strip clubs had the same ones dancing around their stages this weekend.... which is just creepy, a mom sent this??. ANYWHO.. chocolate!! more specifically mini eggs.. thats what i crave this time of year.. especially the dark chocolate ones.. or the ones with pop rocks in them..mmmm.. drool..

speaking of drool.. This has been the most laid back week i've experienced so far in this country.. i've never spent so much time in my apartment.. i am trying to establish that as a good thing..although i did wake up passed out on my computer one night.. that is the connection to drool.. my first weeks here flew by, in fact i barely feel that i have been here 7 weeks... i think that may be in part because of the amount of i've alchohol consumed.. i really like the statement time flies when you are having fun.. i've made an amendment to it.. time flies when you are HAHA... its a glimpse into life in korea... ANYWHO.. i have now lived in seoul longer than any other city outside of north america. Yet i feel i spent longer in KL, not really germany.. germany was a flash in the pan..... i think its strange about KL though. i feel that i know KL more than i do this city.. crazy??

i need to explore more...

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