March 31, 2010

'who is your daddy and what does he do'

The past week or so has been filled with some of the most random moments i've ever encountered.. and sunday was no different..

as i am leaving the subway on sunday.. entering itaewan to meet some friends for drinks, a man behind my friend and i asks what we do.. He asked if we were teachers or if we were in the army..

i really wanted to shrug this random guy off.. i'd heard that koreans like to ask foriegners where they are from and such.. yet at this point i was not really that interested. i wanted the guy to go away.. after we answered that we were teachers he seemed to get really interested... great. was my thought.. really great..

he started saying something about being a rep who places kids in schools, and that he'd had meetings with the public schoolboard outside of seoul.. SUPER interesting stuff.. but not at a subway stop... anywho.. he pops out his business card.. hands one to each of us. and um.. well the company was 'korea connections'.. the firm that placed me in korea..

this perked me up.. and as he introduced himself i turned the card over to the english side.. and guess what.. his name is Jimmy .. it was the THE SAME guy who placed me in korea.. i think this is hilarious.. because Jimmy lives in Vancouver.. and is responsible for me being here... and at a subway stop in korea, i meet the guy... he did remember me.. and asked me how my school was.. interesting stuff like that..

alright its not really that interesting to most.. BUT!!!.. SO random.. to cap off a week of random events, i don't think you can get any better than that..

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