March 30, 2010

when you see yourself in a crowded room...

the other day i went to get my haircut.. i was super nervous about it, why?? mostly because of the language barrier.. its not a rational fear i mean seriously, its just hair, it grows.. yet i've become quite picky of late when it comes to my hair.. so a problem in communicating what i want really bothered me..anywho..

I asked the guys around the office where they get their haircuts.. Don told me about 'the blue club'.. he gave me directions.. pretty easy to follow.. Don also seems to have a pretty decent haircut, i mean straight forward, but i've read some horror stories, and korean's hair is different than north american hair..i could create a post about that alone, but i'm fairly sure that would not be enjoyable to read.. (nor do i really want to research it)

So saturday morning i awoke bright and early to engage in my adventure.. and what an adventure it was.. i followed the directions to a T.. i found the barber shop twirler, and a building with blue signs.. to me, this meant it was 'the blue club'!!. i went inside..

.. it was a saturday.. i don't know why i didn't expect it to be busy.. yet there was a lineup.. right as i was thinking "fuck i hate waiting" my mind went blank.. right clean, nothing going on.. the gerbil fell off the spinning wheel... all the men sitting in line were naked... stark ass naked.. staring at the waygook.. a type of panic set in at that moment.. i'm fairly sure Don would have mentioned naked when he told me about the haircut.. yet i didn't remember that detail, although its not really a minor detail.. its fucking HUGE!! i took off my jacked and sat in line.. well awkwardly sat down.. i was thinking if i should join this naked train.

i'm not some closest homophobe.. nor am i that uncomfortable around other naked men. i played hockey for many years.. and i've streaked on more than one occasion.. i realized when i sat down that i was wearing pink boxers... that made me the most uncomfortable.. all these men would see the pink boxers, and i didn't want to find out what their reaction would be to those, let alone my tattoos... i felt the best way to deal with this situation was to not partake..

so i left 'the blue club'... i just left.. i was like nope.. not worth it today.. i was originally stressed about the hair style, at this point that nervousness vanished and i was cursing at myself for choosing pink boxers..

i have decided to go to itaewan to get my haircut from someone who speaks english.. that deals with the communication barrier, and i will not wear pink boxers..

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