March 13, 2010

Rabbit Teacher

When i walked into each class for the first time i don't know who was more nervous. My heart was doing the mamba, but i kinda feel for the students.. This giant walked towards them and introduced himself as Sean Teacher.. all nine of my classes greated me with a similar gasp followed by an erie silence.. That is a big reason why the first week was so hard to judge.. I was trying to get a routine down, and my students were trying to figure out the waygook..

My schedule is rather strange.. the school works on a mon-wed-fri and tue-thur schedule... although i teach a treasures class.. (which is everyday)..and i also have two treasures classes that go tues-thurs i teach those for 80 mins instead of the standard 40 minute class.. My other classes also vary, i mentioned earlier how i am teaching various ages with various english levels.. and i couldn't have been more truthfull. My treasures kids are pretty good at conversing.. They also say some hilarious things.. To every class i am Sean Teacher.. although my week long treasure class has given me a new name.. Rabbit Teacher... the class exclusively calls me partner teacher informed me that Eunice started the name.. Everday at 3pm i am greated into the class by a hello rabbit teacher chant.. i have no idea why.. i'll let ya know the rationale when i find out..

One thing i can say for certain is that i am loving teaching thus far.. the second week the kids started to settle in. i think the initial shock of my size has worn off.. I am starting to see the personalities shine through, and i wish some kids still feared the giant waygook.. although for the most part I am doing pretty good at controlling the kids...

i have had some challenges though.. i find myself struggling at times to find a good flow.. some classes i nail it.. i do exactly what i planned, within my time.. i'd compare the feelig to completeing a puzzle.. others i am left lost with either not enough time, or far too much.. i'd compare that feeling to not completing a puzzle??.. wait!! no.. thats not really a feeling.. it's more like what the american hockey team must have felt.. so close to winning gold but not.. ALSO fyi i don't cry when this happens.. i'm just comparing people!!... I can happily say that i had more puzzle classes that i did silver medal ones.. but it's something i am working on, i had no expectations that i would nail it right away, but some days i feel the frustration mounting because i can't get things down the way i'd like.. but hey thats how things roll..

i can end with a conversation i had with my treasure 1 class..the ones that call me rabbit teacher...

Rabbit teacher: so what do animal parents do with their babies?
Kevin: Animal parents fight their babies!
Rabbit teacher: what! no.. kevin.. animal parents don't fight their babies..
Kevin: hmm.. animal parents beat their babies?!?
Rabbit Teacher: What! no.. NO.. kevin, animal parents don't fight or hit their babies..
Frank: Animal parents fight other animal parents!
Rabbit Teacher: ..sigh..

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