March 13, 2010

'hows this for muchiness'

There are a couple of minor differences between balzac and seoul.. downtown balzac consists of two churches, a 1950's relic gas station, and crossiron mills.. downtown seoul has all that in spades.. The populations of the cities aren't remotely comparable.. but balzac has crossiron mills.. Seoul has a public transit system that rivals the best in the world.. balzac has the school buses crossiron mills bought to ferry carless employees from calgary, to its existance in the middle of nowhere.. Seoul has a nightlife i can't really call nightlife because i've witnessed sunrises.. crossiron mills.. *cough* i mean balzac, doesn't have any restaurants or movie theatres. They are currently under construction.. One thing both bustling metropolis' DO have in common is that when i'm asleep i have found no difference between either!!!

There are plenty of things i love about balzac, don't get me wrong.. My parents live there, it's been my home for quite some time.. my introduction was a long winded way of saying 'there is tons of shit to do here', i don't simply teach and retire to my quiet matchbox...

I have quite the schedule ahead of me..
March 20th - St. Patrick's Day party in a park in downtown Seoul (yay green beer)
March 27th - Shipwrecked.. booze cruise down the han river
April 10/11 - Paul Oakenfold's in town on the saturday, my birthday on the sunday
April 17th - Seoul wide scavenger hunt.. i'm a proud member of team Suck it, Lick it, Pound it
May 8th - Seoul World DJ Festival (largest outdoor dance festival in Korea)
July - 9 days of vacation.. NO idea where i'm headed yet...
August - Rock Festical (Oasis headlined last year)

in July i plan on attending the mud festival.. its all waygooks.. (okay i should explain this term.. i don't think i have yet.. a waygook is what the foreigners are called here.. its our 'n' word if you will.. we can freely use it to describe ourselves, as blacks with 'n'.. but we like that its our word.. and only when we use it).. where was i.. OH YES.. mud festival!!.. its a weekend of mud.. you jump, slide, slip, and frolic in mud... if there is a win win scenario.. i believe that is it..

I have also started a free 'survival Korean' language class its an 8 week program.. Three hours every saturday, and i am learning to read, pronounce, and write korean.. i will also learn helpfull phrases, how to give directions, read a menu.. all the fun stuff!! I learned how to write my name in Korean last week.. It looks like a house.. i'm impressed..

since my intro was so long i will simply conclude with.. i'm a busy bee..

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  1. Something that Balzac has that Seoul does not...whenever you say live in Blazac people look at you like you just swore at them and then you can see their minds working and then they say "what did you say?" followed closely by "there is REALLY a place called that?" However when you say your from Seoul people just accept it. One for Balzac?!