March 14, 2010

a smashing good time..

Saturday was a a strange day for me.. i pulled an all nighter on friday, perhaps not the smartest choice.. but hey i'm not perfect.. i figured the best solution to cure this tired state was to simply drink more.. i somehow thought going out on saturday night would be a good idea.. i started off by chugging soju before i met the girls in itaewan..

the night was actually going quite well until the last bar we went to.. we ended up at homo hill again.. the same couple that dragged us there last time are leaving in the next couple weeks so for their last hurrah it fit.. when we arrived in the bar we were greated.. well not so much greated with but there was two girls passed out in the boothlike benches that lined the front of the bar.. one of these girls would wake up to leave and upchuck on my coat.. after that occured i decided to step outside for some fresh air.

when i was outside i heard some yelling coming from behind me.. it was some guy yelling at two gay men making out about 30 or so feet behind me.. he was spewing out religious jargon.. his favourite sentence was 'you are an abomination to the lord jesus christ'.. anywho this man was being pulled away by an indian girl with whom i believe i had talked to in the bar earlier that night.. i was looking at her trying to figure out if she was the girl i was talking to.. well the crew cut individual turned his attention to me.. (the crew cut is the fashionable hair choice for the case you didn't know.. wow. okay i didn't mean to insult anyone's intelligence).. story.. um.. so the marine dude turned his rantings to yours truly.. i yelled back 'buddy i'm straight.. shut up'.. he kept ranting.. at this point he had ventured about 60 feet and stood around 30 feet up hill from me.. there were two gay couples at the top of the hill whom i believe were taunting him..

at this point he grabbed another one of his friends beer bottles.. looked back at me.. and let er fly.. i was leaning against a wall, and well i should congratulate the guy he had pretty good aim, the bottle grazed my left hip and smashed on the wall beside me..there were many problems with this scenario... first! why the fuck did he throw it at me.. the people egging him on were in front of him!... not behind.. and why look at me.. i guess i was the closest one to him.. but even still.. NEEDLESS to say i was pretty pissed off.. as he walked away he continued to yell that i and the people around me were abominations of the lord jesus christ.. the night ended there and then.. i got outta dodge.. i was seriously at a loss for words.. and shaked with adrenaline or something the rest of the night.. this point i can't really say i'm too impressed with the military in seoul.. i've likened them to condoms.. noone really likes using them.. yet we need their protection.. because no coat hanger could remove north korea...

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