June 16, 2010

same same... just korea (II)

This is a coupled out edition of same same.. My second addition to the random things koreans do that are different from life in NA.

There are two standard questions Korean kids ask their teachers. First their age (I actually do the math and make it my Korean age). Secondly they ask if you are married. Most weigook teachers are single. This creates a problem for the children. You see, Koreans are entrenched with this idea that you are supposed to be married pretty much… well right outta high school, idk, that’s supposed to be code for super young. There is SO much pressure on the young people of Korea to get married, and pop out children, or child as the recent birth rates are showing. The desire to be an ajuma (older married woman) or ajashi (older married man) is ginormous. My kids look at me strangely because I’m not married.

My few words on the subject don’t reflect the importance of this issue for Koreans. However due to space limitations, and that this topic is not solely about coupling in korea, I’ll move on. The easiest way to demonstrate that you are a couple is easy. PDA’s, a nice make out session in public, groping, idk there are many ways to show your affection for others. However, PDA’s are a faux pas in this country. How do you overcome this dilemma? What can a Korean couple do to show they are together without a public make out session? They do a couple things.

First, they match, they dress in identical clothing. Matching shirts, matching pants, I’m sure the underwear matches as well. In fact i’d bet on it, cause some store windows have mannequins in matching underwear. There has to be an entire industry here that specializes in creating his and her clothing. When I say exact I mean exact replica clothing one male fit, and one female fit. Although a rebuttal can be made, neither male nor female Koreans have much shape, but someone’s making a killing.

Secondly, what is a good honest replacement for madly making out in public? Easy! Madly photograph each other in public. If you can’t stick your tongue down her throat because of cultural norms, stick your camera lens down there. I’ve had the ‘opportunity’ to witness this a couple times (NO, not a guy literally shoving a camera lens down a girls throat). Couples here are enamored with each other, and both use every medium (especially camera’s) they can grab to fully document everything. It’s like sugar never tasted so good. Despite being able to start up a modeling portfolio these couples are able to demonstrate to the world, or Seoul, that they are together.

If you come to Korea and meet the most amazing Korean ever, and you need to figure out if she (or he) is taken. Look for another person dressed in matched clothing, OR a single member of the Korean paparazzi tagging behind your intended target. If you find one, or both of these things. I'm sorry they are taken, but don't worry there are a shit ton of koreans, and individuality isn't that common here. You're sure to find a replica somewhere.

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