June 09, 2010

scheduling Conflicts...

The situation at school hasn’t been the greatest for the past couple weeks. Brian, the only other male in my small social circle, left at the end of May (kinda shitty). The beginning of June triggered the start of two more foreign teachers. They are slowly integrating themselves into the fold of Korean life (not like my jump in with both feet) Anywho, the school also decided that it would be a great idea to fire one of the Korean teacher’s for speaking her mind. Her schedule was unfair she told them this BOOM fired. We are now 2 korean teachers short.

The current state of the Korean teachers shook the new session schedule for June. They have decided to take away one of my classes. They took away my 3pm treasures class. The only class I had every day of the week, some of you have seen the photographs of these kids. They were one of my favourite classes, not to mention cutest, and the best way to start any day teaching. I was really sad. The removal of that class leaves a 40 minute void in my schedule that leaves me with a VERY long prep period. I don’t teach for the first 3.5 hours I am at work, BRUTAL!! Although some make work projects have sprung up to bide some time, I’m sure more blog entries will venture their way online (Lucky you!!).

The brighter side. The weather has gotten a lot better in Seoul. It has been around 30 and sunny for the past two weeks. It’s truly amazing, I sneak out in the morning and try to soak up some of the sun, but I spend most of my time watching it in unair conditioned rooms at school (some are air conditioned though, not all is lost). I am jealous when I hear stories of the morning teachers sitting on patios and rooftops enjoying the sunsets.

I’ve started checking the weather reports everyday, and more often than not you see a clear sun logo with Hi: 30 Lo: 18. Considering the possible conflict with North Korea I wonder if the weather network will warn me through weather reports if things get worse ie… sunny with a chance of missiles.

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