June 17, 2010

...when i grow older... (i will act younger)... just like a wavin flag... (pt II)

The amount of national pride for soccer here makes me miss Canada. I had to live vicariously through second hand reports what the nation was like after Olympic Gold. That moment doesn’t last very long, as much as I love Canada, I love what I am doing here. Anywho, back to soccer, the hopes and tension in Korea is pretty awesome to behold. Let me say that i’m not naïve, I’m aware that Korea is not very likely to win the World Cup. Yet that single victory brought about a wave of jubilation like I’ve never seen before in this country, or any since Canada won Olympic Gold in 2004.

A couple of my kids are really caught up in the tournament. I am treated to a daily update in my Reach Out class, Nathan knows just about everything there is to know about the World Cup. I swear he even knows the vegas line on all the games. Every class on monday i entered was chatting about the World Cup, it didn't matter the age, or the english ability. Park Ji-Sung is the same in english..haha...Parents are dressing their kids up in Korean Football gear left right and center. It’s not unusual to spot a red jersey flying through the halls of the school (there are signs that say no running, most of the kids aren’t tall enough to see them. Let alone read them).

I guess I really shouldn’t be that surprised that the kids are caught up in the tournament. At night every Korean seems to be glued to anything broadcasting the games. It doesn’t matter who is playing, Koreans are watching (I was walking around last night and passed a group of 6 men watching a game on their cell phones). I wonder if they cheer against North Korea. Do ya think they hate the North Korean football team like I hate the Vancouver Canucks? The adults that are glued to the TVs are quite like children themselves. I’ve mentioned before that Korean’s like to drink. My time at City Hall on saturday was another fine example of this. I don’t believe there was a sober person near the venue. They say drinking alcohol makes you act like a child, it reduces you an infant like state. So my 12 yr old bookie student Nathan is probably acting the same age as most of the inebriated adults. I should ask him what england's chances are this year...

Well tonight is the second game (Korea vs. Argentina), and I’m stuck at work till 9. The game starts at 8.30. So I’m pretty choked that I can’t go to city hall like I was able to for their first game. Instead I am going to hit up Yeonshinae and attempt to see the second half, without the pomp and ceremony the morning teachers will enjoy at City Hall.

Anywho.. I had a couple of my kids write stories about watching the first game of the world Cup. I’ll include Amy’s story, in all its unedited glory!

I just see world cup. There is Greece and Korea do soccer. When one Korea soccer player corner kick Jung-Su-Lee shout the ball so we had one goal. And the onthor time, when Jee-Song-Park run a bal. Jee-Song-Park shout the ball so we can had a two goal. So we can win! I felt very excited.

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