August 10, 2010

the rest ... (Jeju pt VI)

(This is the Final part in the multi part Jeju Island saga, aren't you glad!.)

The last morning on Jeju was kind of somber; it was a dreary looking day. You never want to leave on days with blue skies and sun. So I suppose I was happy the weather co-operated in that regards. Although I was sad to leave, I still had one more thing to be excited about. The ‘boy’ in me would be allowed to explore the World Cup Stadium on Jeju. It wasn't very far from our hostel, and on our way out of town, YAY. I get giddy with these things. I’ve started to become a bit of a football stadium fan. Europe influenced me I've visited several stadiums in the past 14 months.


Germany:     Berlin – 1936 Olympic Stadium
Italy:            Milan – San Siro (tour)
France:        Paris – Stade De France (U2 360 concert)
Korea:         Seoul – 2002 World Cup Stadium (FC Game)
                   Soegwipo – 2002 World Cup Stadium (visit)

I really haven't visited that many stadiums, but i love them. They are massive in scale, and facsinating. Jeju’s World Cup stadium was the most interesting I've seen, it looked like a sail. I’m taking a total stab in the dark, but Seoul World Cup Stadium is based on a traditional Korean kite, so I’m guessing this was designed in a similar fashion. I think that I visit the stadiums more for their architecture than for the sport element. They are unique, not like the lego block designs of NHL buildings. Okay I take that back, a lego block NHL building would be stellar. Let’s say duplo block design, much more blocky, way less cool. Perhaps that is just clever camouflage for my ‘boyish’ love of sports.

The last official stop on my short vacation on Jeju was Yongduam rock (This roughly translates to Dragon Head rock). Yongduam rock was formed by a lava flow thousands of years ago, and has been eroded to its current form by the Yellow Sea. This rock is supposed to look like a dragon head pointing out to see. The head of the dragon is out of the water, and apparently its body is 30m long and mostly underwater. I wasn’t that impressed with the rock. To be honest I didn’t even see it at first, Corwin had to point it out to me. All I saw was lava rock, although really cool! I thought people were making a lot out of nothing.

 I was more entertained by a unicycle troop that was also visiting the rock. About thirty kids were walking along the coastline bouncing their unicycles along the coarse lava rock. These kids were climbing all over the rocks dragging their unicycles with them. We saw a couple kids riding around after like it is the easiest thing in the world. You know, no biggie, i'm just chillin, on one wheel!

We had to take two 40 minute flights home instead of a direct flight. I really didn’t mind, I wasn’t in a big rush to return home and I kind of liked they split up flight. I like take offs and landings, I find them very entertaining. A couple of the girls on the trip don’t share my enthusiasm. So while they tightly shut their eyes, mine widened with glee.

Well, the saga is over, and hopefully it was better than twilight. I really wish that I was able to spend more time on the island. I realize everyone says about vacations, but I left the entire west coast unexplored. Another two days and I could have completed the island. Oh well, I have another break coming up in September (not that i'll go back to Jeju, but just saying i've got another break). I will be off for 6 days for  Chusok, basically the Korean equivalent of thanksgiving. I will be headed somewhere in Korea for another mini adventure. Until then, you’ll have to deal with more Seoul . . .

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