October 14, 2011

4-1 for the win...

As the calendar rolled over to October, and the leafs started to fall to the ground... oops, I should correct my grammar. As the calendar rolled over to October, and the leafs planned yet another Stanley Cup parade route... shit I got distracted that time... okay one more try. As the calendar rolled over to October and the leafs, which were once green and prominent, shrivel and (continue their) spiral to the ground (better?). I have been able to renew my subscription to the wonderful, magnificent, tremendous NHL Centre Ice package. I boasted about my purchase last year (you've got a fan in me), and I kind of wanted to refrain this year. BUT two reasons sprung me into action.

First, my friend and I made a bet. I know that it's early in the season to make bets as teams have barely hit their stride, but our two teams were playing each other. The bet was on the Flames/Canadians game, and we spent the previous days toiling over possible wagers. I settled on a South Korean flag that would fly on her desk for the remainder of the season. You might wonder why a SoKor flag and not a flames one? Well she lives in Calgary, and a Flames flag would allow her to get away unnoticed. Besides people are bound to ask why she's flying the Taegeukgi, in a predominantly Korean free work environment. This fact is bound to make her relive the moment more than any Flames flag would. Oh, if it was a blowout, she would have had to use a Korean Kpop calendar as her primary one for 2012, could have been worse.

The second reason is more cheerful than the first (in terms of my day to day enjoyment), you could say it's a game changing reason (much like Calgary's second powerplay goal, and eventual game winner). For the time being I am fine watching games on the west coast. But, when NA starts hoarding sunlight I lose out on third periods. In Seoul we don't believe in being greedy, we don't need to save daylight, apparently we get enough to waste (a rant I'm sure I've made before, I just don't remember where/when). When the time zones change I'd get all the buildup without a satisfactory pay off. WELL, as cliché as it sounds there is an app for that! The new NHL GameCentre app now comes with streaming NHL games. It is a feature they have rolled out for the 2011-2012 season. I am now able effortlessly able to stream HD quality video of live NHL games right on my current bundle of toy (iPhone).

In fact! I watched most of the Flames/Canadians game on my iPhone simply because I could! (also my laptop is a little cumbersome in the kitchen while I'm cooking) The video on my iPhone is surprisingly clear, and comes without lag. I also have access to both home and away broadcasts, very similar to the version I use on my laptop. For those people concerned about the data charges I'm sure to rack up, don't. The 3G network in Korea is amazing, and unlimited data plans are inexpensive. I pay $60/month for unlimited data and 300mins talk time (another win!).

Now when NA decides to hoard UV I don't have to miss the all important final frame. I can now watch the video at work while I prepare for the onslaught of tiny voices. For a second year in a row, $22/month has supported the fan in me!

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