October 25, 2011

it's not like i've stopped eating...

치즈 돈가스 (Cheese Donkasu) 

I know the tator-tots look good, but i'm talking about the mass covered in jalapenos. It's not traditionally Korean, in fact it's a Japanese dish. It's a deep friend pork cutlet, with mozzarella cheese stuffed into the middle of the pork, hence why it has cheese in the name!

The meal is great for hangovers, and typically whenever you want a large piece of deep fried pork(some people have that craving). The breading they use is very comparable to a tempura batter, light and flaky.  Most donkasu comes covered with thick gravy, and sits like a lead weight in my stomach.

These photos were taken from my favourite donkasu restaurant near my work. The batter isn't any different, but the toppings are what makes this donkasu special. It's covered in a light soy sauce, with jalapenos, onions and shredded cabbage. It was easily the best I'd ever had. The  meal was cheap as well with a price tag of $6.50. Unfortunately this restaurant has become another victim of turnover, and is now a doll and flower shop.  

                                                      산낙지 (live, or raw octopus)

This is a Korean dish, and not an overly common one either. I've been told that it is a popular touristy thing to eat, and it's understandable. This marks the second time I have tried the grub and I sucked my parents along to try it as well. 

If you decide to watch the video(below), you can see the plate move. The octopus was alive a few minutes prior and nerve impulses keep the tentacles twitching, and suckers um... sucking. While not an easy meal to eat, as you to first catch the tentacle, and then make sure the it is fully chewed. You will often find the suckers sticking to the roof of your mouth, and the sides of your teeth.

Honestly, I can understand the fascination with this food, and why it's a popular tourist hang out. But the meal itself is pretty tasteless. There isn't much taste to octopus, it's just a squirming version of undercooked calamari (oh, and not fried of course cause it's raw, duh!).

My parents liked the novelty, and my father was impressed (below) . My mother spent most of the meal shuffling in her seat and gawking at my father and I. She wasn't as open as my friend who decided to give some love to the octopi (right). OCTOPUS LOVE!!

스파게티 (okay, that says sepagehti, and this is an Italian place...)

Jenny's Cafe is a tiny restaurant in Hongdae that serves some of the best Italian food I've had since coming to Seoul. It's usually hard to get a table, and that's usually a good sign in any city. All the food is served with bread that is baked at their bakery (not pictured) which is also amazing. 

I really wish that I could give more words to accompany the pictures, but the food is great, and most of you are aware of what Italian food is. The fettuccine (right) was great, with a thick sauce that was heavy on the cream, and very filling. Actually most of the food in the restaurant's food was rich in flavour, texture and left your pants stretched.

The interior of the restaurant (large above) is really cool, and fits with most niche restaurants in Hongdae, they all have their thing, and this restaurant isn't any different.

The risotto (left) disappointed my friend, as they said they didn't use the proper rice. I have no idea what this means, but I'm sure from all the Hell's Kitchen episodes that I've seen that it would mean that Gordon Ramsey would throw it on the floor. The gnocci (below) was great, and much like the fettuccine, filling.

Finally, we have a salad (right) that was unreal, and as great and as colourful as it looks. Didn't you know that colour is a flavour? my students would agree anyway, if you don't understand I've been away too long.

A friend of mine once pointed out that I travel by eating desserts. I remember desserts more than any other meal when I travel. Anywho, All of these shots are taken at Coffee Labratory in Hongdae. A coffee shop I've shown before, and one of the highest ranked coffee shops in Seoul.

Above, you can see affogato,or espresso and ice cream. This was amazing, although I prefer the ice mocha (right). Basically the perfect summer drink, haha, opinion.

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