October 02, 2011

when life becomes a movie...

There are several times in people's lives where it can be felt that it reflects a movie. In fact realism is often an intended goal of film makers.  I remember my mother whenever I think of this because she often dislikes movies that are too realistic, and would rather watch body parts fly and explosions rock the screen as the cinema is an escape for her, not a mirror.

The thing I feel bad for, is the 'evil' guys in romantic comedies, although I mean to use this more as an independent thought, romantic comedies are rarely striving for realism. As an audience member you are secretly rooting for the good guy (or girl, I don't want to appear sexist) to win, yet I've always thought about the other guy/girl. In the 90 minute movie we don't really learn what their perspective really is. They could be a decent person, after all they did win a heart, didn't they? (at some point starring in their own romcom) Yes, there are times where they are true douche-bags, but often when people are faced with the end of a relationship they aren't acting rational anyways.

Perhaps it's all for naught, and we should all just throw footballs.... OH... yeah, that's what this post was about, a nifty tripod, and quick shutter speeds.. All stitched seamlessly into (probably) annoying GIF images (click to play). Neither of the images are staged, and both reflect real life. They aren't even really movies, just flashes of last weekend, or as I've come to call it, the entire season of Fall on the Korean peninsula... smile...

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