December 15, 2010

sitting, waiting, wishing, drinking...

Toy Kittie Death @ Coffee House
Believe it or not, I've never been a huge coffee drinker, I have an aversion to hot drinks. For some reason I am like a 5 year old child, and I sizzle my tastebuds on hot liquids. This includes all hot liquids, not just coffee,  hot chocolate and soup are also guilty. Until a couple of years ago I put ice cubes in my soup and hot chocolate. I couldn't trust myself enough to wait for it to cool down on its own.

Since I've arrived in Korea, things have changed. It is like I have finally matured (I'm sure that is debatable to some) and I can enjoy warm to hot liquids. It didn't take long after that for a formal introduction to coffee. Especially when Corwin is a caffine junkie, and former Starbucks employee. She has taught me the ins, outs and in betweens ofcoffee. I have tried to be a good pupil, and learn quickly, although I'm nowhere near the critic she is. Instead I'm a willing participant in her coffee adventures around Korea.
Cafe Mocha @ Coffee House

Coffee has become a very trendy thing to drink in this country, and there are many great coffee shops in Seoul.  But, I don't think coffee has been around long enough in Korea to serve as fuel for the masses. The zombies that walk around at the trapse of dawn can't find a cup of coffee in this country, they have to wait many many hours. Coffee shops here seem to open around 9 or 10 (sometimes later, whenever the owner shows up) and stay open well past midnight.

This trend has worked its way into Yeonshinae, a local  neighborhood. I can't begin to count how many have opened since I arrived last february, and more seem to be sprouting up. Corwin and I have found one in particular that suits our fancy, Coffee House. I'm happy because they serve mocha's and Corwin is in love with their foam. This cup of boiling water heaven was also included by association to a recent article in 10 Magazine (an expat magazine in Korea) in their article about the 10 best cups of coffee in Seoul (read the article here). Coffee House's main branch in Anguk is hailed as the second best cup of Jo in Seoul.
Caramel Machiato @ Coffee House

The Yeonshinae version of this cafe is trendy, and often quite busy. I have spent more than a few afternoons injesting their brew, and abusing the free wifi. The staff is pretty awesome, and never appear to go home. One of the girls running the place took the 18 month barista course offered by Gwang-su Jeon (if that doesn't make sense to you, that is because you didn't read the link, haha). If I had a complaint about the place I would say that they have overused (the) Jack Johnson. I have been there often enough to recieve free cups of coffee, and JJ has been played everytime. I think for Christmas Corwin and I are going to burn them a new CD of equally trendy coffee shop music.

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