December 10, 2010

the west is the best ? ? ?

I've taken a look back at some of the entries that have chronicled my time here in Seoul, and I'm kind of shocked that I haven't included more about food. I mean I have written some posts, but interestingly enough, I've only been posting about 'western' food, most of which y'all can enjoy on a regular basis. My blog has a glaring omission of Korean cuisine. I will try to amend that situation. I swear I will, I love Korean food. Yet because I eat Korean food everyday, I find myself more giddy and excited about edible reminders of the west.

For example, the other weekend I found an amazing Mexican restaurant.  Not only was the food fantastic (and cheap), the place had actual Mexicans cooking, and serving the food.  The sight of this threw me back a little, seriously! Anyone from Calgary might also be confused what a real Mexican looks like for two reasons: #1. Calgary doesn't have a huge Mexican population, and #2. Most 'Mexican' restaurants seem to be run by the Japanese (ie. Taco Time). These Mexicans in Korea fed me my first ever corn tortilla (pictured). A Mexican food first in Korea! what are the odds of that?I would like to say that I also enjoyed some Mexican beer while I was there, but I'd be lying.
The Mexican joint is located right beside... (drum roll) BIG ROCK!!!!

That's right, the microbrew turned regional brewery in Calgary is available in Seoul. The bar looks familiar to the brewery in Calgary (If you have ever been). I have no idea if the place is actually run by Big Rock or just licensed out to some expat.I've read that the beer is not actually brewed here, it is imported. This means quite literally that I can get Calgarian beer in Seoul, YAY! I've been told the food isn't the greatest, but what does it matter when there is an authentic Mexican joint next door. Big Rock's entire liquid menu is present, from the new Jackrabbit and Big Rock Lime, to the classic Traditional and Warthog Ale (pictured). The food was great, the beer stirred memories, a perfect afternoon.

P.S. I swear that I will start writing more about Korean food instead of western food.

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