February 24, 2010

Beer On

February 19th

.. Beer-On.. a little bar cleverly tucked away on the second floor of a building in yaen chi nae.. the bar boasts several couches, an electronic dart board, and a pool table...the pool table is the exact replica of the one i desire to own.. leather drop pockets, classic green felt, and a simple wood design with ornately carved legs.. wait.. did i just fantasize about a pool table??.. fuck.. um.. yeah.. let's just say the place is great, and that i drank a tad.. finally the true reason for the entry can be revealed.. and no, it wasn't the pool table..

the next morning i woke up to the joyful sound of my alarm.. my head was pleasantly throbbing along to the shriek of the alarm.. as i lifted my head off the pillow, i realized the pillow tried to follow me.. my first thought?.. wtf is on this pillow? i quickly felt my face to feel for the residue...that residue turned out to be the blood from a tiny gash on my right cheek.. the blood had dried to the pillow over the course of the night.. while i was raking my mind as to why i was cut.. i rolled over into a pile of french fries left on my bed.. two questions arise?

first.. the cheek.. as i got home from the bar i must have headed directly for the bathroom.. then proceeded to ditch my clothes there (all my clothes were scattered on the floor there when i woke up)i don't remember that, but i do remember my attempted exit.. i didn't realize the door was not fully open.. and WHACK, SLAM, BANG (or any other 1960's batman shout out you fancy).. the edge of the door struck my face.. i went ass over tea-kettle and joined my clothes on the floor.. i didn't know at that time the door had cut me during the process.. i think i crawled from the bathroom to my bed..

second.. the french fries...the french fries were actually a pretty easy one to figure out.. i quickly remembered that jill and i had picked up the fries after Beer On... they make amazing drunk food!... i think my uneaten fries were remnants of the blow to the head.. i mean i could make an extravagant back story.. something along the lines of alice in wonderland, but i think the blow to the head coupled with the booze knocked my ass out.. now i'm not saying i got my ass kicked by the door.. but there are these moments where you are vulnerable, and the right move at the right second creates a perfect storm.. like the perfect time to start a tickle war.. that moment when you know you've got the upper hand, when you're prey is lulled into a false sense of security.. random analogy?? not really...

although i have no idea how the fries got to my bed...

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