February 27, 2010

Day & Night

February 21

i got to see both sides of the foreigner area of Seoul on Saturday night (itaewan).. i originally went for a walk there in the afternoon.. it is about a 40 minute subway ride from where i live in Gusan, but at least it's on the same subway line.

once i arrived in Itaewan it almost a game of spot the Korean (instead of the usual spot the whitey).. there were so many foreigners in that part of the city.. i quite literally felt like i was back in some random north American city.. although the Korean flags flying from every street light provided me with a constant reminder to where i really was.. i have to honestly say that i wasn't that impressed with the area.. i mean seriously i didn't really come to Korea just to find places that remind me of home.. while it is nice that i know where the spot is.. but i currently love the forced change i have imposed on my life. so i loosely explored the area, only half heartedly admiring my surroundings.. i quickly and quietly escaped back to my Asian adventure within a couple of hours..

I did return to Itaewan that night however, while i was sitting in McDonalds jacking free wifi, two of the SLP teachers saw me in the window and came upstairs. It didn't take them much to convince me to come out with them, kind of like offering a fat kid a donut.. i graciously accepted...

the night was good.. the night was long.. the night had many highlights and lowlights....including being pantsed in a gay bar... some random slipped his hands in my belt loops and tugged.. NOT my idea of a good time.. mostly the bars reminded me of Lethbridge, packed with twenty somethings, and a university vibe... although far too many crew cuts...stupid military....

Sunday would not live up to its hype of 'Sunday Funday' i was completely out of it.. i sat and watched/fell asleep to a couple hours of the Olympics and like 5 episodes of NCIS7.. i eventually made my way home to fall asleep to Transformers.. although sunday was still 'fabulous' for exactly those reasons...up to that point i had yet to watch korean TV..

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