February 27, 2010

On a Train?

February 25

I can't wait to start teaching.. i can't wait to find out if i have what it takes, if the spark for teaching really exists.. i've lived around the aura of teaching for so long... i can't wait to move out of the 'love' motel, i'm tired of wading through my ocean clothes in an attempt to find something clean.. i'm tired of this tiny cell.. Within the next week both will be realized, but in order for that to happen i lose things i've grown to like.. some people i like are done teaching , making room for me to jump in, just like their vacated apartments..Next week is a brand new start.. the reboot of my rebooted existence.. this is all very similar to the feeling i got when i sped from city to city in europe..

This week has been a sad one on very many levels.. Alex-gate shines overhead like the stars in the milky way, seemingly creating a haze of static.. i never felt that my mortality on this continent would become so evident so early.. i say this on many levels.. Alex has her role to play in that, however watching others prepare to leave strikes a heavier cord.. my hopes and aspirations seem distant and insignificant. i've come to a conclusion though, one that i have found solace in.. don't say goodbye unless you actually wish to see them again..

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