February 27, 2010

A Life on Pause

SO.. i really wonder how many people actually realize i'm gone.. now that i'm two weeks in... i mean i have gone without seeing some people for years (rightly or wrongly).. for others two weeks could be a very long time.. well let me tell you this.. 14 days...... i could really count down the hours and minutes if ya wanted.. but i think that would be a bit much.. i am trying to make a point.. alas NOT that one.. although i am a good timekeeper!!.. anywho..

tomorrow my adventure really begins.. i get to spread my wings in my new abode.. i finally get to crash in a room i can call my own.. the 'happy' tissues beside the bed will be mine.. i will have put them there.. and not accidently realized their true purpose... in the two weeks i've been here i've already scarred myself (quite literally).. i've already realized my own trip's importance and mortality..finally i've said honest goodbyes.. i think two weeks in i can honestly say i'm curious as to what's next..

a friend here told me that "korea is the place for procrastinators.. it's the place you go to delay your life from starting..".. my life on pause...i like that... but take that with a grain of salt i suppose.. it is not something for everyone.. it is not something i would suggest for some.. my best friend is getting married, and that drive forward in his life is more than admirable.. that same friend was also the only person to honestly come forward and speak out against my trip.. and i respect him more than most for that..

I am grateful for the opportunities i have had.. i had a couple moments where things didn't look good.. and here i sit.. in a 'love' motel in korea.. on the eve before i move to my new place... and for the first time i hear people fucking above me...

to my friend whom i've known for two weeks.. well less than.. like one week... anywho.. you're leaving..and i hope you get your wolf... because one day i want to read an article about a brit who attempted to trap a wolf as a pet.. please put that into the stack of shit i can never say again...

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