February 13, 2010


First post..

technically first day..

i'd call it zero hour, although that has some tricky connotations to it, DDay and all.. Although it does feel quite similar. I am surrounded by televisions blaring a countdown, the invasion of canada??.. kinda feels like it.. this could possibly be the worse day to leave the country, the day every single canadian is flamboyantly proud to be one, and we are even being invaded by the germans (don't mention the war).. the two previous occasions i've left the country i have been able to sneak out the back door unnoticed, quietly cheering my escape. instead it appears the country is focused on its invasion. i even hear vancouver is hoarding explosives!

as my future year in korea looms over me, i am more or less focused on the next two weeks. and NO, not the short training period i look forward to...i am left trying to figure out how to keep up to date with the olympics and not find out the hockey scores.. a tricky tightrope indeed..

anywho.. i await my 12 hour flight to Korea, and i've watched over two hours of the torch relay.. i should really be sleeping, i should really have been put to sleep by watching it.. instead i stare at the countdown on tv. watching the timer slowly struggle to reach zero, when the indeffinite invasion of canada begins, but before that happens i shall quietly attempt to slip out the side door.

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