February 27, 2010

A Lesson Learned

February 22 (Part 2)

This is a very strange country, i swear there is no crime. Basically every corner store has chips and fruit lining the street in front, and i have yet to see a person watching this product. I have also walked past several speakers with IPod's just laying around them.. completely unguarded.. Cell phone stores have their demo phones sitting in the streets.. I find this really strange. i mean i had to hide the change in my jeep for fear of people smashing the window to get in. Yet here they leave valuable's just.. well just out there..

let's take a second to flash back to the staff part on friday night. Alex and Cate are two girls who came out from ontario (They were the girls that i partied with my first two nights in this country, and with whom i'd visited my first noreabang).. The Director of SLP had put bottles of Jack Daniels, Tequilla, and Vodka on the table at the bar we went to.. Alex took full advantage of the offering, as did we all!!.. although Alex probably more than most couldn't stop gorging.. she was loser drunk early in the night.. Kate had to take her home sometime around midnight..

Well apparently, Alex decided to take advantage of the food hanging out and about in front of a store.. The rumour mill pegs it that she took a bag of chips.. although it doesn't really matter what it was. because Alex decided to test the 'no crime' mentality and well.. the koreans put the food out front of their stores, along with CCTV cameras.. so much for 'no crime' in korea! The store owner caught Alex on camera taking the chips (a purchase around $1)...

Some other information...There aren't that many hogwan schools around this area... that is code for ' NOT MANY WHITIES ' we are easy to track down.. and the store owner took the film to the director of the school, she confirmed it was Alex... she showed the film to Alex, and promptly fired her on the spot.. Had Alex taken the chips in any other community.. itaewon for example (see previous post about itaewan if you're confused)... this would not be the end result. it would just be a stupid drunk action...

This occurred about two hours after we returned from our health check..Right about the time i was starting to feel good again.. i couldn't believe the news.. seriously.. ALL that planning.. ALL those months of work. GONE.. over a bag of chips.. i sat in my tiny desk, in my tiny chair with this huge cloud looming over.. i couldn't believe it.. i silently wished my hangover back.. in fact i would have given anything to have gone back to sunday non-funday.. it felt like a changing moment, it didn't directly involve me, i barely knew this girl. yet i had ban privy to the stories of hope and excitement those first nights... it leaves me terrified about the results of my health check...for the rest of the day i was left with an uneasy feeling.. i tried to go out that night but ended up getting lost, frustrated i returned to the 'love' motel and slept..

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