February 27, 2010

Making Gestures

February 22 (Part 1)

Monday marked the start of my second full week here in Korea.. and what a better way to celebrate than to go and have a health check!! (cue treacherous and domineering music)

an electrocardiogram, chest x-ray, blood and urine sample are great ways to start off any week.. i highly recommend them!.. my favourite was the electrocardiogram.. apparently hardcore cocaine users have a irregular heartbeat or something that this little test can pick up.. i'd say that hardcore cocaine might have the energy to keep up with some of the students.. but what do i know.. the urine sample is also to test for drugs... and the blood sample to test for HIV.. if the tests alone were not enough for you, imagine having them performed by people who spoke no english.. it was one of the most awkward experiences i've ever encountered..i can finally empathise with dogs in training school... people are yelling shit at you, and when you follow the hand gestures you succeed, dogs usually get a treat though...

I gave blood like the champion i am, although a couple of the girls really freaked out the Korean doctors... i've never seen a person crying make the woman taking blood cry..

i walked out of the health check extremely reserved and really out of it.. i don't know if it was the experience.. or that i saw Canada was losing 4-2 to the Americans.. either or, i left with an uneasy i had yet to experience in korea..

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