February 24, 2010

Dawn 808

February 20

i swear this is not a paid advertisement.. but it seriously should be...

after the entire staff of Eunpyeung SLP was treated to dinner at a korean BBQ.. one of the new afternoon korean teachers, ine, asked me if i was going to continue drinking.. i said yes.. and she suggested i try this hangover prevention drink called Dawn 808.. although i was extremely hesitant i agreed (the cost of the drink was 5000wan.. about 5 bucks.. and here, thats a lot of money).. my natural response is to call bullshit when presented with such an asinine proposition..but i was tempted.. SO there i was buying a can of Dawn 808. the can was roughly half the size of a red bull.. accompanying the korean symbols were two phrases in english 'Dawn 808' and 'hangover solution'.. i was instructed that you are supposed to drink the stuff before or while you drink...

the taste?... Dawn 808 doesn't taste good, or just tastes weird.. my thought.. like drinking liquid raisons... after i finished the drink i returned to the annihilated.. (i fell between two parked cars on my walk home)... basically, i feared the morning..

however, the next morning.. wait!..who am i kidding.. it was two o'clock the next afternoon, before i rolled over.. haha..anywho.. i slowly raised my head.. you know the cautious raise while you are waiting for your head to throb and remind you that you are a dumbass.. well guess what.. Dawn 808 worked!!!.. i had no hangover.. NOTHING.. no headache.. no 'fog'.. my body hurt a little.. but i was out till 6am and danced for most of the night.. nothing unexpected as far as aches and pains go.. but there was no mental anguish.. seriously!! Dawn 808 works..

worry not people!!.. i've been told that you can pick it up in North America.. try some asian supermarkets and let me know..

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