February 17, 2010



written..february 15th..sorry for the delay..

usually i write something with a little more of a narrative flare to it... although today i just kind of feel like throwing facts at you. i guess that is what jet-lagged people do.. we don't like to pussy foot around.. because at this point i'd simply like to spew out facts like a bulimic would food in a bathroom....

1. no sleep on the airplane really pissed me off.. i could not get comfortable.. i watched 4 movies, countless tv shows, and sat in envy of guy in front of me sprawled across two seats.. lucky bastard..

2. Minivan's can reach speeds in excess of 170km/hr.. i wore my seatbelt and wondered if i should cheer on the driver, or scream out directions in case i was actually in a rally car race..

3. i was teased with the thought of sleeping when i reached my motel, instead i was whisked away to dinner with michelle kim (my new boss) kate, and alex (two new co-workers). after dinner i ensured a good proper sleep by getting drunk with my new co-workers (my boss went home after dinner).

4. booze is cheap in asia.. a fact i forgot.. a giant pitcher of beer for eleven bucks... also a bottle of soju (a korean equivalent to vodka) for three bucks.. although one should not confuse these with premium drinks on any accord.. they are simply a means to an end..

5. completed my first ever solo first song.. goodbye yellow brick road.. for some of you, you will know the significance of that choice.. for others, you can just know it's just a great song.. we asked the waitress if we were any good.. with a stone cold expression on her face she replied "no".... i appreciated the honesty..

6. two of my three nights in korea.. i have succesfully gotten drunk...

7. for every meal except for one, i have had no fucking clue what i was ordering.. all have been delicious, all menu's entirely in korean...except for one.. mcdonalds.

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