February 24, 2010

Sean Teacher

February 19

Sean Teacher
an update on the teaching situation..
i found out that i will be teaching in the afternoon, my shift is from 1-9pm.. i will be teaching school age kids... ages ranging from grade one to grade 9.. their english levels also vary.. some of my kids will pretty darn fluent, others won't know their ABC's... i hope i remember which is which!.. and names, oh god i suck at names...

i was actually kind of elated that i won't be teaching the pre-school kids.. i think i am more suited for the older kids.. one thing that sucks about the situation is that i am the only new afternoon teacher.. the five other people starting right now are all teaching preschool... which runs on a morning shift.. so being split from the other newbie's kind of sucks.. but oh well..

i will be teaching around 6 classes a day, each class is 40 minutes long.. i will have a lot of prep time.. even though i start at 1pm, i my first classes start at 3pm..

more to follow....

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